Veronika Benning



I think it’s important for people to be able to experience music with their entire being – I want my audience to be caught up in the character and complete atmosphere of the piece. I strive to create this for them in every note I sing and bring this experience to each person I sing for.


"Bravissimo for Veronika Benning whose voice articulates perfectly the inner feelings of Carmen most expressively. She embodies Carmen’s femme fatale gypsy girl and makes the burgeoning premonition of impending death very convincing.

Like a human volcano she threatens to erupt at any second. She is self-determined and untameable at the same time, a sensual creature which precipitates men into ruin, but at last a victim of her own feelings in the end. Even her flamenco is danced enchantingly."

Münchner Merkur