Mastersinger-Concert , Neustadt a.d. Weinstr, 17th August 07:

"In an impressive and top carat concert the participants of the
mastersinger class showed their skills to a raving audience in the
sold out Neustadter concert hall.
The evening started with excerpts from Georg Bizet´s opera „Carmen“.
Especially sticking out was Veronika Benning (mezzo-soprano)
convincing with passionate expression.“

(Neustadter Nachrichten, 21st August 2007) 

(…)  the Seguidilla (Carmen) was interpreted cleverly
by Veronika Benning who sang with warm tone.“

(Rheinpfalz, 20th August 2007)

Recital "Love and other disasters", Cham 11th February 2007:
"Veronika Benning has an intimate intuition for the romantic art of Lieder, she phrases and shapes even the finest of nuances with an expressive beauty. But she shows her true qualities when she is allowed to give her parts a comic edge, and exuded a charming and entertaining quality as she sang well known songs like "Welt, Du kannst mir nicht gefallen" or "Warum soll eine Frau kein Verhältnis haben".(…) It was such a pleasure to experience this fresh and lively evening and it´s multi-faceted program."

(Chamer Zeitung, 14th Februar, 2007)

"L´amor marinaro/ Strandgut" Summer 2003:

"…who found a worthy partner in "sailor boy" Pietro, really his disguised ex-fiancée Lucilla, wonderfully sung and played by mezzo-soprano Veronika Benning."

(Donau Kurier, Ingolstadt, July 22nd, 2003)

"Pietro, the stranded pirat, a woman in trouser role, wants her unfaithful
man back. A strong buffo-counterpart was required to balance out the
refined sensuality with which mezzo-soprano Veronika Benning played her role."

(Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, July 21st, 2003)

"…standing out (…) mezzo-soprano Veronika Benning with a rich
and flexible tone."

(Opernwelt, September/October 2003)

"Magic Flute", W.A. Mozart, 2003:

"Tamino (…) flirting with the charming, yet somewhat
mean spirited Three Ladies, Sabine Lahm, Regine Mahn and
Veronika Benning, who harmonized beautifully in the Trios."

(Großmehringer Anzeiger, February 24th, 2003)